Mail:  yamaguchitakuya.214@gmail.com
Instagram: ymgc_tky

Born in Osaka. After graduating from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, studied photography at Visual Arts College Osaka. Since the beginning of his career, he has been presenting his own unique photographic works based on the snapshot technique, with an objective perspective combined with a particular melancholy gaze. In recent years, he has also been actively engaged in conceptual photography based on the themes of " figuration " and " abstraction.
1990 Born in Osaka
2012 Graduated from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies 
2015 Graduated from Visual Arts College, Osaka 

Main exhibitions 
2024 My Soliloquies  About  Photography, blackbird books, Osaka
2021 Kunitani+Tanaka+Yamaguchi, Art Office Ozasa, Kyoto 
2019 The echo of songs, Alt Space Post, Kyoto 
    Living Cities, Treptow Ateliers, Berlin, Germany 
2017 Einstein Studio Prints, Hotel Anteroom Kyoto, Kyoto 
2016 Seeking Solace, Antenna Media, Kyoto 
    New Japan Photo Exhibition, Antenna Media, Kyoto

Self-published photobooks 
2022 lying on the bed, hiding in the truth   (re-issue 2024)
2018 I don't know what has been passing by   (re-issue 2024)
2017 The Scene That Used To Be Invisible 
2016 In a state between sleeping and waking 
2015 Nothing Ordinary Nothing 
2014 Sometime, Somewhere, Somebody
2012 Young Blood

1990 大阪生まれ
2012 京都外国語大学 外国語学部 英米語学科 卒業 
2015 ビジュアルアーツ専門学校大阪 写真学科 卒業 
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